The biggest and the best!
Our premium peanuts are popular for their intense roasted taste and shells. If you only eat them at Christmas time, then you’re definitely missing out.
100 g Chnuspernüssli is equivalent to around 30 peanuts.

The perfect snack!

Peanuts Chnuspernüssli

pouch: 300 g

CHF 3.95
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When your belly is rumbling!

Peanuts Chnuspernüssli

pouch: 500 g

CHF 6.30
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Perfect for a movie weekend!

Peanuts Chuspernüssli

bag: 1 kg

CHF 12.50
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Our classic snack for young and old alike

Peanuts Chnuspernüssli

bag: 5 kg

CHF 59.50
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